My counseling concept is for those who dislike months-long consultations and prefer to solve their problems in a goal-oriented manner once and for all with particularly beautiful experiences during a short retreat from everyday life.

For 8 years, international clients seeked consultations in my practice in the middle of their stressful, duty-filled everyday life. Since August 2019, the Lower Engadine has become my "practice room" to offer the best conditions for focused, yet relaxed counseling. My new approach leads to faster results and an unforgettable, more natural consulting experience.

Based on my work with international clients, I developed the theory of Cultural Grief. My methods help my clients make sense of what they are experiencing and to approach their challenges in a mindful and compassionate way.

Other areas of expertise are:
Relationship- marriage and love problems, problems in the workplace and in professional reorientation, educational issues, depression, stress and imbalance, fears, mood swings, mourning, self-esteem problems, feelings of shame and guilt, coping with trauma, identity problems, cultural conflicts, integration issues.


My work is based on the theories of Alfred Adler.

He described his depth psychology as Individual Psychology, also known as Positive Psychology, or Holistic Psychology.

As an important depth psychologist, and with C.G. Young an esteemed student of S. Freud, in 1911 he laid the foundation stone for his own path in psychology.

The cornerstone of this is the sense of community, which promotes the entirety and prevents man-made disasters.

The Adlerian Psychology includes both encouragement as well as a solution- and resource-oriented approach. The counseling sessions take place in an assertive environment.

My image of humanity is positive, life-affirming and places the holistic human being with his pursuit of goals in the foreground.

Aramis my therapy dog, is a gentle, sensory and peaceful companion during the sessions. He is a half Vizsla and half Labrador I found in an animal shelter in Portugal.


I was born on a day at the end of August '66 in a town called Martina which is in the border triangle of Switzerland, Austria and Italy. It was easy for my parents to pick a name for me!


I was raised as a hotel child, surrounded by staff members from many different European countries and customers from all over the world.

The atmosphere in which I was raised has formed my natural talent of understanding and communicating with people.

From being a hotel child, I have a natural sense of service, innovation and efficiency.

I am a goal-oriented counselor, who creates solutions to motivate people to take counseling and to help my clients achieve their goals.

For over ten years I had my own event production company and for several years I co-owned and managed the production for an international action sports publishing company with employees from 11 different countries. Over the course of my life I have been studying, fair-trading, working on humanitarian projects, or traveling for sports events in the countries of Canada, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba, Ecuador, Argentina, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Thailand, China, Japan and New Zealand.

At forty, I changed my career to become a counselor.

I love the international atmosphere at home, in my community and at work.

Although I'm proudly an “Engiadinaisa” and strongly rooted in The Engadine Valley, I am first and foremost a world citizen.

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