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In the ten years of having my practice in Zurich, I saw clients in the middle of their stressful, duty-filled everyday life. I witnessed how complicated it is for couples to commit to months-long counseling on a weekly bases and how discouraged they feel when progress is too slow.

That motivated me to pioneer in new counseling solutions.
I moved from Zurich back to my hometown Scuol, to offer Relationship Counseling Retreats and Retreats for Individuals.
This method allows the clients to dedicate time to their problems in a „project-like“ approach, work through difficult topics at once in contrast to a months-long, timely open commitment, and enjoy the fast transformational journey.

I want people to feel natural about going to counseling. I am happy when they look forward to the sessions when they enjoy the process and remember their consultations as a beautiful experience.

Apart from counseling couples in crisis, I offer these other areas:
Problems in the workplace and in professional reorientation, educational issues, depression, stress and imbalance, fears, mood swings, mourning, self-esteem problems, feelings of shame and guilt, coping with trauma, identity problems, cultural conflicts.

I work with the theories of Alfred Adler.
He named his depth psychology Individual Psychology, also known as Positive Psychology, or Holistic Psychology.

As an essential depth psychologist and with C.G. Jung, an esteemed student of S. Freud, in 1911, he laid the foundation stone for his path in psychology.
The cornerstone of this is the sense of community, which promotes the entirety and prevents human-made disasters.

The Adlerian Psychology includes both encouragement as well as a solution- and resource-oriented approach. The counseling sessions take place in an assertive environment.
My image of humanity is positive, life-affirming, and places the holistic human being in pursuit of goals in the foreground.

My approach with Walking and Talking has many benefits for the client:
- Being outdoors lifts the mood, which releases creativity.
- Walking together with visual distractions, eases the atmosphere.
- Moving activates the brain and conditions a sharper thinking process.
- The physical well-being intensifies the after-effects of the sessions.
- Physical movement can help the client to move through difficult issues or get "unstuck".
- A walk in the woods or looking at mountains can awaken innermost feelings of happiness and peace.
- Walking side by side feels natural.

Physical well-being and surroundings have a substantial impact on the client's mental condition and a strong effect on the success of the counseling results.
Recovery clinics, for example, are usually located close to nature for a perfect reason. Nature has a powerful effect on the healing process. The quietness, the colors, the fresh air, and the comfort nature radiates are mood-lifting and sharpen the mental capacity.

I was raised as a hotel child in the Engadine, surrounded by staff members from many different European countries and customers from all over the world.

The atmosphere in which I was raised has formed my natural talent of understanding and communicating with people from all kinds of cultural backgrounds. Cultural differences 

From being a hotel child, I have a natural sense of service, innovation, and efficiency.
I am a goal-oriented counselor who creates solutions to motivate people to take counseling and to help my clients achieve their goals.

For over ten years, I had my own event production company. For several years I co-owned and managed the production for an international action sports publishing company with employees from 11 different countries. I have been traveling around the globe for studies, fair-trade, humanitarian projects, and sports events throughout my life.
Mainly in Canada, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba, Ecuador, Argentina, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Thailand, China, Japan, and New Zealand.

​At the age of forty, I felt the desire to learn to understand people in their entirety and studied Adlerian Psychology.

I love the international atmosphere at home, in my community, and at work. I am a mother and a step-mother, and my family is a unit from three continents.
Although I am proudly an “Engiadinaisa” and firmly rooted in The Engadine Valley, I am, first and foremost, a world citizen.

Marriage Counseling Martina Famos
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