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I was born in the Engadine, a valley in the Swiss Alps and the homeland of the Romansh people and raised in a hotel, surrounded by staff members from many different European countries and customers from all over the world. In all stages of my life, socio-culture continued to be the main scenery. To escape the madness of the hotel life as a child, I loved to write or crawl into my sacred place: the dog house.  


The intercultural atmosphere I was grown up in has formed my natural talent for understanding different cultures and the clashes that can arise when people have contrasting sociological reasoning. It has set the ground for working with expatriates looking for personal growth and guidance in parenting, bi-national couples, and international executives.

My studies are on the individual psychology of Alfred Adler. Further methods of study are the counseling concept of Rudolf Dreikurs and the art of encouragement by Theo Schoenaker.


I graduated in 2012 and worked as a tutor at the Akademie für Individualpsychologie in Switzerland while building my new career as a counselor. After seeing clients for ten years in my practice in Zurich, I moved back to the Engadine, where I counsel clients online and by walk&talk.

In 2022, I published Cultural Grief, a self-help book for expatriates to understand the psychology of relocation, learn what triggers the difficult emotions and how they can navigate through this transition healthily.

Martina Famos Author Cultural Grief, Switzerland
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