"These two days were extremely rewarding and inspiring and gave me

huge energy for my journey. Thank you Martina!"

"Doing a consultation in the middle of the Engadine mountains, remote from

our everyday's life is a unique experience and gives you
the necessary time to reflect on your own and together with your partner

on what was discussed with and advised by Martina."

"Talking about difficult topics and the freedom of being in

nature makes this a perfect combination I can recommend to everyone."




Much more can be achieved during focused days 

when compared with ‘traditional’ week-by-week        counseling.

Feeling relaxed, having time for reflexion, fresh mountain air, and being surrounded by intact nature,

play a significant role in fostering change of thinking  patterns and behaviours.

Counseling Intensives afford to quickly get to the root of the problem and to promt into a frame of mind that bring long-lasting, permanent changes.

"Traditional" counseling demand commitment during several month, where an intensive is an engagement for only 2-5 days.

The hourly rate is the same for both the intesive and the "traditional" counseling, yet the results of the intensive are far greater.







Inquire about available appointments by  contacting

Martina Famos

and reserve your  counseling hours

Book the accommodation you like. Find the right one through booking sites, the local tourist information, or ask for my recommedations

Enjoy your stay in Scuol by relaxing, exploring, and  have counseling being in a rested and

Have counseling rested, and have time for yourself after

Successful Girl


Whether you are looking at a specific issue or exploring your life's purpose, a personal 1:1 counseling on a weekend allows you the time and space for personal exploration, clarity and individual growth, healing from trauma and to overcome negative patterns.

Engaged Couple


Nothing from your past stands in the way of you both being able to recover your relationship.

This Intensive is private and not

a group effort.

If your partner can’t join you,

I will happily see you individually.


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Location: Scuol

Scuol is the main village in the Lower Engadine Valley.
The authentic holiday region has maintained its Romansh culture and kept the natural surroundings intact. Lying too far for day-tripper traffic has certainly helped to preserve the amazing nature.

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Book the accommodation of your choice. From unique hotels to modern hostels, you will find everything that fits your needs. Wherever you are spending the nights, you will wake up in a different world.

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Hiking, skiing, rafting, wellness, art exhibits, yoga, or just walking around the picturesque town to drink mineral water straight from the village will have many opportunities to be active or to just relax and enjoy nature at any time in the year.


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One of the significant factors for successful counseling results is having some time-out to yourself instead of hastening

to see your counselor and rushing back to work after an hour of intense talks.

Being relaxed allows you to have the space for taking in the reflections and for letting the learnings sink in deeply.

In a counseling intensive, we will spend consecutive days together. You are free to decide whether we meet in

my practice or go outdoors to have the talks while walking in beautiful nature.

Discretion during Walk & Talk:

The Lower Engadine lies remote from day-tripper traffic and offers countless walking trails

where encounters with others are rare.

The key reasons for Walk & Talk:

Being outdoors lifts the mood which releases creativity.

Walking in parallel with visual distractions eases-up the engagement.

Moving activates the brain and conditions a sharper thinking process.

The physical well-being intensifies the after-effects of the sessions.

Physical movement can help you move through difficult issues or get "unstuck".

A walk in the woods or looking at mountains can awaken the innermost feelings of happiness and peace.




Testimonials from the retreats are not available as yet. These feedbacks are from the clients who saw me in Zurich.

Martina and I set out on the journey to make me feel more confident, happy and present – elements that were not always fully there in my life.

With the help of explorative questions, discussions and exercises, Martina guided me to personal enlightenments and we together came up with down-to-earth instruments and “mantras” to foster encouraging behavior and situations.


For me, it was very important that positive change would not only take place in the praxis of Martina’s, but also accompany me home, and I am very happy to say that it did and that I today feel confident, happy and present.


Client from Sweden





I work with the methods of Adlerian psychology (also called Individualpsychology and

referred to as Positive Psychology), which includes both encouragement as well as a

solution- and resource-oriented approach.

The counseling sessions take place in an assertive and non-judgemental environment.

My image of humanity is positive, life-affirming and places the holistic human being with his potential in the foreground.

The languages I consult in are English, German and Swiss-German, Spanish, Italian, French, and in my mother Tongue Romansh.


I offer counseling for individuals and couples, and familites by giving a choice between Traditional Counseling,

Online Premium Counseling, and Intesive Counseling during weeekly or weekend retreats in the beautiful Lower Engadine Valley.

I'm a member of the Swiss Association for Counseling, SGfB


Individual Counseling and Couple Counseling in Zurich
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Kronenstrasse 48, 8006 Zurich. Email: info(at)  Website: