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Covered Counseling

These are the counseling services I offer. Some are online, and others while we

walk and talk. Whatever questions you have, please feel free to ask.

Parent Counseling

This instructional and private training transforms the relationship between you and your child and makes you a confident parent.

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Executive Coaching

My approach is to walk while we talk during some days of retreating to give you a maximized experience of new perspectives.

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Grief and Recovery

My guidance and grief instructions help you recover from losses and rebuild a future without restrictive attachments.

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Parental Advice

Book individual sessions to help your child after they have experienced a difficult situation to prevent traumatic recollections.

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Couples Counseling

This private retreat is an intervention to help you reconnect and get you out of your struggles the fastest way possible.

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Expanding Life

If you lack meaningfulness or purpose in life, my holistic counseling methods will guide you to explore what life can mean to you.

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Personal Transformation

This program is a rational and cognitive process to change how you experience yourself, others, and life.

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Trauma Healing

If you feel you are surviving life and not living life, my guidance will help you recover from the pains of the past.

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Not sure what you need?

Book a session to clarify what your problem is and what help would be suitable for you. Be assured that I will give you unbiased advice.

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