Marriage counseling doesn't have to be another weekly squeezed appointment in your work calendar.

It should rather be an appreciated getaway to honor the importance of your relationship

that deserves attention, learning, and commitment.

The Retreats are consisting of 2, 4, or 6 days to help you out of the crisis and into a fresh start.

The after-care via phone will help you to continue the journey

of strengthening the bond between you.


Do you want to retreat as an individual? Find the information here.


Select your counseling days and book the hotel of your choice. I am  happy to support you with recommendations.

Carry out the

assessments you will be receiving via email. They will take about one hour of your time.

Outside of the consultation times, you are free to arrange your stay as you wish. Discover the place, eat well, relax, enjoy wellness or be active.

The session are by walking and talking in nature.

You will set the pace of the walks. With bad weather, we stay indoors.

You will be picked up at the hotel.

After retreating, the counseling continues from home via phone. Depending on the package, the support lasts up to 5 months.


Each package is for the counseling during the retreat and the follow-up sessions via phone. 

The accommodation, the travel, and the meals are not part of a package.

You choose where you stay, where you eat, and what you do outside the sessions hours.

I'm happy to give you recommendations.


2 Day

Private Intensive Couples Retreat

equals five-and-a-half months of by-weekly counseling

  • Assessments prior to retreating

  • 2 days, 6 hours of counseling

  • 3 follow-up sessions by phone

Total of 9 hours

CHF 1'395.-

The two days are possible on weekends or on two weekdays.

This retreat is to

- receive some help, but there have been no talks of separation.

- adjust the balance as parents to enjoy life as a couple.

- have support with adjustment. issues after relocating.

- reach conclusions about concrete disagreements or dilemmas.

- improve communication.

- understand each other better.

- remove insecurities.


4 Day

Private Intensive Couples Retreat

equals eight months of

by-weekly counseling

  • Assessments prior to retreating

  • 4 days, 12 hours of counseling

  • 4 follow-up sessions by phone

Total of 16 hours

CHF 2'480.-

This retreat works very well for couples that have gone through difficult times and separation would only be a solution if nothing was to change. They want to

- remove the doubts about having married the wrong person.

- reconnect after operating like teammates in a busy life.

- stop the superiority talks and become respectful partners.

- keeping away from down spiraling in angry conversations.

- remove resentments of past issues.

- learn and follow-through what both need to be happy in the relationship.


6 Day

Private Intensive Couples Retreat

equals eleven months of

by-weekly counseling

  • Assessments prior to retreating

  • 6 days, 18 hours of counseling

  • 6 Follow-up session by phone

Total of 24 hours

CHF 3'720.-

The 6-day retreat is the right one for you if you have goals like described on the 4-day retreat with additional issues that include:

- talks about separating.

- hurts after the loss of trust or intimacy.

- difficulties as blended-family & parenting issues.

- extended family issues or other outside influences that negatively affect your relationship.

Valid for all three retreats: not included in the price are travel, meals, lodging and incidentals. Please plan accordingly.

Insurance does not cover this service.

We can provide childcare during the sessions for 18 CHF per hour.

Marriage Counseling Martina Famos
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