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Couples Counseling

Marriage counseling doesn't have to be another weekly squeezed appointment

in your work calendar. It should rather be an appreciated retreat to honor

the importance of your relationship that deserves attention, learning, and commitment.

Walk & Talk Therapy for Couples with Martina Famos

In a time of crisis or after being in a draining situation for too long, I believe fast progress is crucial. ​Weekly couples counseling demands patience and endurance, whereas a Marriage Counseling Private Retreat is an intervention to first get you out of the worst into understanding each other.

My counseling "office" is the beautiful nature around Scuol, Engadine*, where I take you for easy walks while we talk.

After-care via phone will support the continuation of your journey in becoming a respectful, appreciative partner, and in growing together as a couple. (*about Scuol)

Walk and Talk Counseling

When a situation has become stagnant, when talks
turn in circles, or points of view have become hardened,
rule no.1 is to walk while talking,

and no. 2 is to take time for each other.

During your private retreat, will go for daily two-hour strolls and let movement, nature, the fresh air, and the beauty around us do the rest.

Over the years that I saw couples in my office in Zurich,
I had reserved feelings about the effectiveness of the sessions when after our meetings, both rushed back to work, and if weeks passed until the next session.
Retreating, keeping momentum, and focusing solely on the relationship have proven to raise the s
uccess rate of marriage counseling substantially.

Book a free half-hour call to find out what
my method can do for you.

Please email me.

Walk & Talk Therapy for Couples with Martina Famos
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