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The last thing I want to share with you on this website is my output of texts.
Last year, I published my first book Cultural Grief and some verses

from which my friend Serhii Presniakov produced videos.

Sometimes I upload my thoughts via reels on my social media channels.

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The sense of belonging manifests itself in the individual's social interest. Those who don't care about the welfare of others lack belongingness and don't see themselves as part of the human family.
In their hurt, they hurt. In their anger, they destroy.

In their defeat, they withdraw.
To be even means feeling equal, not inferior, and not superior.


If people knew how to grieve when needed, we would live in societies with fewer mental disorders, insomnia, addictions, depression, emotional numbness, anger issues, obsessions, and emotional instabilities.
Grief is a natural mechanism to heal and mature emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.


Taking time out for oneself, eating healthy, working out, and using health products are not what I consider Self-Care but simply caring about what we eat, how we use our time, and so on.
I understand Self-Care on a much larger scale because of the word Self in it.

Faith and Doubt

After reading a book by Tomáš Halík, I understood that extremists fear doubting their faith, beliefs, and leaders. They attach to ideas even if those lead to pain and suffering.
And it is not different from self-imposed beliefs. Doubting our attachments can be scary and liberating if there is the courage to question and release them.

We Belong
The Self is our human existence, equal to every human, pure love, and free from choices and conditions. The person is the unique identity with which we choose to go through the earthly experience. The two separate but interconnected perfections are holistically connected to others and everything around us. We choose every step we make on this life's stage, how we play our roles, and what meaning we give to what we do.

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