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Executive Coaching

Coached reflection is like having a secret weapon up your sleeve.
Working with me will help you learn how your actions affect others

positively and negatively and enhance your systemic understanding

of team dynamics and human behavior.

Executive Coaching with Martina Famos

My counseling "office" is the beautiful nature around Scuol, Engadine*, where I take you for walks while we talk.
One should never try to solve complex problems at a round or oval table, nor with someone sitting at the head of the table, and preferably also not while sitting. I know it's mostly done like that, but it's unreasonable.

Having a physical distance from your work environment, changing the routine, being outdoors for the sessions, and walking with me will shift your perspective and help you be more creative with your solutions.
Before we meet in Scuol, we will discuss your goals and how much time is required to spend together. You will be assigned some preparation work before we meet to have impactful sessions during our walks.
This method works for you as an individual and with a team of up to four people.

Book a free half-hour call to find out what my method can do for you.


Please email me.

* about Scuol


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