In my counseling practice, I’ve guided more than 1,000 people through the struggles associated with relocation. The goal of this work is to help my clients make sense of what they are experiencing and to approach their challenges in a mindful and compassionate way.

I help my clients to view the challenge of moving to a new place as one of grieving what is absent; of facing and processing their Cultural Grief.

Mourning is a natural response to losses, but you can move through this mourning process and into a bright future. The techniques I utilize in my cunsultations can help you move through this process more quickly so you can adapt to your new life faster, and in a healthier way.
When utilized as a healing tool, processing Cultural Grief can be a launching pad to the foundation for a new and more authentic life.

After a 2-day Intensive Counseling you will return home strong, confident and with a clear direction for your next steps.


Martina Famos

Certified Adlerian Counselor AfI


2-day Intensive Counseling

The two days are possible on weekends or on

two weekdays. Arrival the day before may be of advantage.

  • Check-in at the hotel the day before  

  • Session first day (3 hours)

  • Session second day (3 hours)

  • Return home on the last day of counseling or spend more time relaxing in Scuol.


CHF 900 for 6 Intensive Counseling hours

(Rate per hour CHF 150)

This method is for you if you lack feeling like yourself since you moved to a new home. If you feel depressed, sad, angry, lost, detached, and stuck. This is also for you if you haven't grieved properly for someone important to you or a past relationship.

Not included in the price: travel, meals, lodging and incidentals. Please plan accordingly.

Insurance does not cover this service.

We can provide childcare during the sessions.

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