A Counseling Retreat is also perfect for individuals.

One of the significant factors for successful counseling results is being in nature and having some time out to yourself, instead of hastening to see your counselor and rushing back to work after an hour of deep talks.

My methods cover the lack of holism of „traditional counseling“. The physical well-being has a strong positive effect on the mental condition of the client, and a strong impact on the success of the counseling results.

These 2 or 5 days in unspoiled nature are very powerful. You will return with clarity and tools to move forward with confidence and certainty.

Martina Famos

Certified Adlerian

Counselor AFI


We spend most of the time walking and talking in beautiful nature

which has a powerful effect on the counseling process.

The quietness, the colors, the fresh air and the comfort that nature radiates lift the mood

and sharpen our mental capacity.

After the sessions, you can stay in your flow and your own energies, without compromising

any of the good feelings due to others or situations.

If you wish to be additionally supported through Yoga, Energetic Healing, or other Physical

Therapies, I'm happy to recommend you great practitioners in town.



Both packages are for the counseling during the retreat and the follow-up sessions via phone. 

The accommodation, the travel, and the meals are not part of a package.

You choose where you stay, where you eat, and what you do with your free time outside the sessions.

I'm happy to give you recommendations.

2 Day

Private Intensive Individual Retreat

equals four months of by-weekly counseling

  • Assessments prior to retreating
  • 2 days, 6 hours of counseling

  • 2 follow-up sessions by phone

Total of 8 hours

CHF 1'200.-


The two days are possible on weekends or on

two weekdays. Arrival the day before may be of advantage.

This retreat could be for you if you have similar goals as these:

- start liking the person you are

- learn to say no but also to say yes

- understand what healthy boundaries are for you

- stop being affected by criticism

- find answers to life questions

- know how to be happy with what you have

- finding a better life-work balance

- increase self-confidence

- set clear goals for your future.

5 Day

Private Intensive Individual Retreat

equals eight months of by-weekly counseling

  • Assessments prior to retreating

  • 5 days, 15 hours of counseling

  • 2 follow-up sessions by phone

Total of 17 hours

CHF 2'550.-

This retreat could be for you if you have similar goals as these:

- stop missing out on opportunities

- end your struggles with personal issues

- start living life if you feel you are only surviving

- heal from an abusive relationship

- plan your way out of an abusive relationship

- enrich your life with mindfulness and spirituality

- take counseling again after having had an unsuccessful counseling experience

- grieve from a painful loss

- recover from a bad work experience

- stop being affected by your childhood

- learn to control anger, self-pity, guilt, anxiety and other strong negative emotions.

- improve your relationship when your partner is not ready for couples counseling.

Not included in the price: travel, meals, lodging and incidentals. Please plan accordingly.

Insurance does not cover this service.

We can provide childcare during the sessions.



Select your counseling days

and book your accomodation

Carry out the


Travel to

Scuol and enjoy your time-out

I will pick you up

at the hotel for the sessions

Be supported on your journey via phone after the retreat

You book the hotel and plan your travel. I am very happy to provide you with ideas, support, and recommendations before and during your stay.






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