Invitation to my talk on

Saturday Jan 14, from 10AM - 1PM in Zurich

Counseling in English Zurich, St. Gallen, Zug, Luzern
Free event
Counseling in English Zurich, St. Gallen, Zug, Luzern
Counseling in English Zurich, St. Gallen, Zug, Luzern

Did you know that 95% of the unconscious mind is running our lives on its own autopilot?

I invite Expats to join me to learn how to better meet the challenge of building a life abroad - because 5% of consciousness is simply not enough.


We will:

  • Explore 3 strategies that propel you towards a happy and meaningful life.


  • Learn how to overcome negative emotions and adopt a mindset to choose how you feel.


  • Examine 12 empowering beliefs to considerably improve the quality of your life abroad.

Seats are very limited!

No charges at all.

Registration closed by

Jan 12

This talk is for you if you recognize one or more of these situations:


·      You moved with ideals and ideas, but experienced challenges, and got discouraged in trying to follow them through.

·      Usual facts of life feel overwhelming in your life abroad.

·      Not feeling at home results in a lack of belonging.

·      You might not feel good enough, or like a failure, because you haven’t established the life you wanted.

·      Due to lack of mental challenge you rate your life as unfulfilled and meaningless.

·      Various pressures create strong negative emotions such as regret, disappointment, stress, anxiety, anger, and sadness.

·      When feeling unhappy you may interpret it as unjustified, which in turn triggers feelings of guilt.

·      Marriage or partnerships are being tested by the challenges of living abroad.

·      You may feel inadequate through lack of professional acknowledgment.

·      Your neighbors and environs seems uninterested in you.

·      Your self-confidence is suffering due to missing approval.

·      Creating a new community seems not worth the effort.

·      Circumstances and new situations might make you feel uncomfortably dependent on others.

·      There are many thoughts you can see are irrational, yet you can’t get past them.

·      You put off decisions for the your short and long-term future, which in turn increases your concerns.

·      You may have felt well in many places, and yet not connected to a place you can call home, which keeps you from committing to a settled life.

Talk on Saturday, Jan 14 from 10 AM - 1PM at Lindenbachstrasse 1 in Zurich.
Registration closed by Jan 12.

Seats go away fast. Rigister now!


Martina Famos has helped nearly 2'000 Expats to make their life abroad a joyful experience. See her Swiss media coverage:


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Counseling in English Zurich, St. Gallen, Zug, Luzern

Martina Famos

Counseling for Internationals

The 3-hour talk takes place on Jan 14

at Lindenbachstrasse 1, Zurich.