Lack of time or a too far distance should not stop you from taking on support when you need it.

Online counseling works very well and gives you great flexibility when your life situation is otherwise constrained.

The options to talk are by phone or by video for:

- Regular Sessions during 60 minutes at a price of 150 CHF

- Expatriation Counseling during 60 minutes at a price of 150 CHF

- Committed Counseling. To see the package click here

Committment is the most important ingredient when you want to achieve something. This Package helps you to commit. It comes with documents and podcasts in between the meetings, which makes the counseling experience highly efficient and very much goal-oriented. This is great for clients that know 2 or 3 sessions won't be enough.


Marriage Counseling Martina Famos
Have you thought about going to counseling, but the timing hasn't felt right yet? 
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