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Online Counseling for Individuals

Relaxing at Home

A psychologist has tools that help you heal, and you have the power to be fully ready to receive.
The most significant advantage of online counseling is the possibility
of quietness and relaxation before and after therapy.


How Online Counseling Becomes More Efficient

Because commitment and keeping momentum are crucial for the client's motivation, I have designed a counseling program of ten sessions lasting 3-4 months that help my clients come full circle with their transformational process. People sometimes stop coming in when they feel relieved and in a better place. Very often, though, the last part of making the healing complete and sustainable wasn't reached, resulting in them returning a few months later with a fallback in their progress. To avoid my clients losing that time and money, I created a counseling package.

The Advantage of a Counseling Package

The consistency of the sessions through a package creates more resources for the psychologist and permits more efficiency and intensive guidance. You will progress in 10 sessions, typically requiring at least 20 sessions.

The Active Rational Transformation Program

I name the package Active Rational Transformation Program. Working together invites you to be active, challenging your mind (ratio), and it's transformative. It's designed with the principles of Adlerian Psychology, REBT Therapy Methods by A. Ellis, Purpose of Emotions by G. McKay and D. Dinkmeyer, Encouragement by Theo Schoenaker, and the GPI testing by U. Bärtschi.

Investing in The Active Rational Transformation Program

For an investment of 1'980 CHF you get:

  • 10 pre-booked sessions of 60 minutes each.

  • 7 learnings in MP3 format help you learn the principles of confidence, self-trust, and integrity.

  • Several readings for your general understanding of what life means to you, keep the focus on what truly matters, and become clear about your life choices.

  • 10 exercises in reading, questionnaires for reflection, and instructional videos. These help you make sense of your thinking patterns and decide what doesn't serve you.


  • Each session discusses your case and finds solutions that work for your particular goals.

  • 600 minutes for re-listening. You get to decide if we tape the session. The recording can be of great value after the session or anytime later to study the conversation once again.

  • Unlimited emails and 3 phone calls for urgent matters.

  • Appointments reserved in advance—no loss of valuable counseling time for finding free slots.

  • Confidentiality - As a counselor, I have a legal and ethical duty to safeguard your information.

Testimonials About The Active Rational Transformation Program

"I started this journey wanting to learn how to be content with other people’s 'bad decisions' but the most important thing I’ve learned on this journey is how equal I am to others; those who I felt looked down on me and also those who I looked down on.
This has had a huge impact on how I see myself and my behaviour. Previously, I only saw one way to do something and that was the right way, and often I considered that to be my way. Now, I have total appreciation that others have free choice and can live, work and love in whatever way they want. Just as I can.
I do not need to control because it just leads to frustration and disappointment."

"Transformation is a word often used, but rarely does it have such depth of meaning as it does for my experience of the active rational transformation program.
I found Martina’s coaching to be straightforward, pragmatic and clear – she made our sessions comfortable, even when in delicate areas. But far more than that, she always, always brought great insight and clarity - to every topic, every challenge.
Through the program, I found my relationships with long-standing friends and family became deeper and richer, my self-awareness clearer, allowing me to see, and so handle, unwanted tendencies, and to realise my latent abilities.
That is the transformation - I am more engaged with, and engaging for, those around me – whether close friend, loved one or stranger on the street. And I am more comfortable in myself, and confident with my choices in life."

Contact me for a free preliminary half-hour call.

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