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Parental Advice

A divorce, the passing of a family member,
a bullying experience, difficulties at school, or relocation at a certain age

can leave an inferior perception of the child's interpretation of Self or

traumatic memories. My support will help you guide your child in the best

way possible and ensure you're not alone and overwhelmed.

Counseling to prevent your child experiencing trauma

I'm often asked:
"How shall I explain this to my child?" "How can I help them in dealing with it?"
"How can I support my child in this difficult situation?" "How much does my child need to know?"

Let's answer those questions!

My guidance in educating your child about healing will be very rewarding for you and your child. They will thank you for that!

A drastically smaller percentage of the population would struggle emotionally if our society considered healing emotional pains as natural as treating a physical injury. There would be fewer individuals with mental disorders, insomnia, addictions, depression, emotional numbness, anger issues, obsessions, and unhealthy attachments.

Book a free half-hour call to find out if I'm the right counselor for you and to receive the information you need.

Please email me!

If you decide to work with me, a single session will last 60 minutes
at a rate of 150 CHF. The costs are not covered by health insurance.

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