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Personal Tranformation

Your thoughts determine your life's journey.
Changing how you think, changes how you feel and how you act. The mind sits in the driver's seat of your life and
decides what the journey looks like.

Individual Online Counseling for Personal Transformation

95% of our thoughts are on auto-pilot, following what our brain has long ago identified as logic.

We stop questioning what we have subconsciously categorized as such, even if it doesn't create the desired results. 

We should trust our thoughts much less and reflect on our thinking patterns more often. Counseling supports you in renewing what is in your mind that doesn't serve you well and enables slightly different ways of acting, automatically leading to transformative results.

I offer the traditional single sessions and, for ten years, a successful counseling package for people who have decided to commit to a transformational journey where the results are certain and sustainable. 


The ten-session package is a premium counseling offer to save time and money and ensure momentum in the process. 

Find the package description below; however, you are invited to a free half-hour session to explore whether this offer works for you.

Let's talk!


"The program has helped me recognize aspects of my personality that triggered overwhelming negative feelings about myself.

In these sessions, Martina made me feel immediately at ease and welcomed all my line of thoughts without judgment.

She easily adapted to my critical thinking and step-by-step has guided me through this journey to identify the triggers of my negativity and insecurity, always reminding me and encouraging me to also recognize and embrace the good things about myself.

These sessions had already a very positive impact on my life and today I feel happier and at peace with myself."

Client from Portugal

"My time with Martina was truly transformative.

I use her strategies for critical thinking at least once a day, and whenever I try to apply them to advice to others I can see people's faces light up because her ideas are so insightful.

From the first meeting with her I learned lessons that will be valuable for a lifetime, and the more we met the more I built a foundation of who I wanted to be and how I wanted to live.

And in addition to being forever grateful to Martina, I think she is a really cool person who I feel lucky to know."

Client from the U.S.

"Over the last few months I have been working with Martina. 

I have worked with a number of counselors over my lifetime and none have had as much of an impact as Martina. 

Her ability to listen, articulate the challenges and ask the right questions so that I can work through what I need to do in all facets of my life has been transformational. 

I went into these sessions with a narrow view of what I wanted to work through but came out feeling like I had unpacked many years of behaviors that were not helping me move forward. 

I can't thank her enough."

Client from Australia

I started therapy with Martina on a more conventional set up back in 2012.

I know I will always go back to her for a check-in, she provides that enormous sense of trust but I know that now I have the tools necessary to continue a journey that in my case has been life changing.

I encourage anyone that is serious about self-commitment and change to embark with Martina -

you will not regret it!

Client from Spain

Martina has amazing people skills. She is a very good listener, has a lot of compassion and she can translate the language of psychology into digestable content. And she does it all with a witty sense of humour :) As her client I felt taken care of and understood which made me open up with trust and curiosity. Martina has diagnosed the biggest challange in our relationship very quickly and day by day she helped us to unpack it. She has also helped each of us to notice the individual harmful patterns that we bring to a relationship and she provided us with tools on how to re-shape and re-phrase them so they become constructive and supportive. Now, my partner and I are really happy together, we approach conflicts in more mature and self-aware manner and we plan our future together without fears and with higher level of self-responsibility. If life becomes a bit harder again in the future I have resources (including Martina) I can pull in order to help myself and my loved ones. Thank you Martina for showing me this ♡ 

Clients from Poland

The Premium Counseling Package

Investing in this transformative counseling experience

saves you time and money and is highly efficient for reaching your goals.


You will progress in 10 sessions, typically requiring at least 20 sessions. Besides, this training invites

you to commit, which is needed when we want to succeed in something.

An outstanding factor of this counseling package is momentum, and another excellent benefit

is the educational component between the sessions that replace counseling hours.

For 1'980 CHF you get a premium package of online counseling that includes the following:

  • 10 pre-booked sessions of 60 minutes each.

  • 7 learnings in MP3 format help you learn the principles of confidence, self-trust, and integrity.

  • Several readings for your general understanding of what life means to you, keep the focus on what truly matters, and become clear about your life choices.

  • 10 exercises in reading, questionnaires for reflection, and instructional videos. These help you make sense of your thinking patterns and decide what doesn't serve you.


  • Each session discusses your case and finds solutions that work for your particular goals.

  • 600 minutes for re-listening. You get to decide if we tape the session. The recording can be of great value after the session or anytime later to study the conversation once again.

  • Unlimited emails and 3 phone calls for urgent matters.

  • Appointments reserved in advance—no loss of valuable counseling time for finding free slots.

  • Confidentiality - As a counselor, I have a legal and ethical duty to safeguard your information. Confidentiality is one of the most significant components between you as my client and me as your counselor. 

„Martina holds a great balance between listening, supporting me to come up with difficult answers (describing my feelings in certain situations for example) and analyzing.

I like her structured approach, every session has a focus but is flexible enough too. I love the different exercises between the sessions, it‘s literally like a journey to yourself. She asks you early on to commit and sharpen your goals. You travel, reflect and learn.

The first 5 sessions are where I focused on understanding the problem and the next 5 sessions were about the solution.

I started to become good at recognizing certain kinds of inner monologues and following behaviors and therefore change it in a positive way only after a few sessions. Learning about my own weaknesses and accepting them, but more important was to learn about my own strengths and put them in good service to myself and others.

After each of the 10 sessions, I had at least 1-3 key learning that would really shift my thinking.


So to summarize:
I experience life in a fuller, more intense way today. My friends and family feel good about my changes. My partner goes as far that he says I developed a lot in how I deal with myself and others.

Martina is an excellent guide on the journey to myself. She is helpful, experienced and shares your joy when you learn and help you laugh and not take yourself too seriously when needed."

Client from Switzerland

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