Martina and I set out on the journey to make me feel more confident, happy and present – elements that were not always fully there in my life. With the help of explorative questions, discussions and exercises, Martina guided me to personal enlightenments and we together came up with down-to-earth instruments and “mantras” to foster encouraging behavior and situations. For me, it was very important that positive change would not only take place in the praxis of Martina’s, but also accompany me home, and I am very happy to say that it did and that I today feel confident, happy and present.


Client from Sweden


My time with Martina was truly transformative. I use her strategies for critical thinking at least once a day, and whenever I try to apply them to advice to others I can see people's faces light up because her ideas are so insightful. From the first meeting with her I learned lessons that will be valuable for a lifetime, and the more we met the more I built a foundation of who I wanted to be and how I wanted to live. And in addition to being forever grateful to Martina, I think she is a really cool person who I feel lucky to know.


Client from the U.S.

In a few sessions, I was able to understand that my melancholy and emotional numbness were not a permanent state, but rather the result of a cultural shock, of which I was not conscious. By talking, I managed to put my complaints and fears in perspective and realised they were in fact much smaller than they felt inside of me. Martina has a very positive (but not at all naive), non-judgmental and pro-active way of discussing with her patients. While also interested in the past, she focuses on the present and in findings constructive solutions for the future, rather than staying attached to past unhappy events. I recovered my self-esteem and happiness, and even my physical health has improved. Every now and then, I go back to discuss a topic that just starts to worry me, before it gets any bigger.


Client from Brazil

I started the individual program to work through my vision in a more structured way and to really have a chance to make some changes. It has been very helpful to follow up regularly, with sessions as well as reports and emails in between. By combining the in-person session with emails there is a chance to both discuss things in more detail but also get feedback on situations as they appear. This has been really great to support the change process and to keep on the right track!



Client from Sweden

The sessions with Martina has made a tremendously positive impact to my life, both professionally and personally. Martina’s approach is extremely constructive but at the same time she helped me to really look at myself and my actions. I would not hesitate to recommend Martina for anyone who is searching to fully understand whom they are and what drives their actions. Investing time with Martina is a no regret move in my opinion and I’m very happy to have connected with her.
Client from North America

During a difficult period of my life, Martina, within her relaxed, non-judgmental and open environment, helped me identify my own feelings and guided me towards solving my psychological issues. She is a very warm and compassionate person who inspired me to be more positive and free in my life.


Client from Greece

What impressed me from the first session I had with Martina was her goal oriented approach. She was interested in my well-being to the point that she was happy to finally see me not need her any more. Martina worked tirelessly to help me pinpoint sources of negative self-assessments, and to change them. In the process, we were able to discover new wishes and goals, which were not at all visible in the beginning. Martina was an invaluable partner, a coach and a reality check during my hardest year in Switzerland. The strategies she taught me are still valid and useful four years later.


Client from Cyprus

These sessions really helped my look at myself from the inside and well as the outside, and challenge the negative energy I was putting on myself and really getting to know my real self and self-value. Martina was an excellent coach, really asking the right questions that got you to think what was causing your negative spiral. I felt very comfortable talking to her in our sessions throughout our whole time together.


Client from Sweden

La mia esperienza in terapia con Martina è durata due anni ed è stata molto profonda ed utile. Ho scoperto che finalmente “io sono abbastanza” ed ho lavorato moltissimo sulla mia autostima, che si era molto abbassata per colpa di una crisi esistenziale.
Martina è affettuosa e paziente, oltre a sapere molte lingue, quindi ti fa sentire a tuo agio quando parli con lei.


Client from Italy

Martina a su creer un environnement sécurisant, de confiance, et nous avons pu travailler en profondeur. J'ai beaucoup apprécié son cote multi culturel et ses references académiques. Deux ans plus tard je repense souvent a nos conversations et a l'impact positif de l'evolution de mes comportements sur ma famille, mes proches.


Client from France