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Counseling Retreats

Martina Famos Counseling Retreats

Martina Famos - Author, Certified Counselor AFI,

Coach & Group Coach GPI

Healing Minds Purposefully

A Private Retreat
is a Therapeutic Vacation

with Intensive Counseling.

The methods are goal-oriented,
time- and money-saving and bring you immediate
results in contrast to months-long counseling
on a weekly basis.

Choose between a 2, 3, or 5 days retreat.
You decide about your stay and arrange your accommodation and travel individually.
Each day, we meet in the mornings and afternoons
to walk and talk in beautiful nature.

Counseling Retreats, Intensive Counseling Switzerland

 The Approach

Attending therapy or getting coached should not become another weekly squeezed appointment in your busy calendar.
It can be a short, beautiful, and relaxing breathing space with intensive counseling to keep momentum and achieve fast results that otherwise would take months.

After a decade of practicing in Zurich, I replaced my office space with nature to offer my clients an inspiring, determined, and very efficient service.

I have been certified in Adlerian Psychology, also known as Individual Psychology or Positive Psychology, and in GPI personal an
d group coaching.


I guide individuals, parents, executives, and couples.



The benefits of a private counseling retreat


  • Counseling has a more powerful all-embracing effect when you are rested and relaxed.

  • Keeping momentum is one of the significant advantages of Intensive Counseling Retreats.

  • You can achieve more in a few days of intensive talks than in months-long counseling every week.

  • The reason why recreational clinics are close to nature is that nature has a healing effect.

  • Walking with visual distractions eases the conversations and creates a natural atmosphere during the sessions.

  • Physical movement will help you to work through difficult issues or get "unstuck" very quickly.

  • Being away from your everyday life enables you to commit entirely to your decision for change.


  • Intensive Counseling during Private Retreats

  • A Vacation with Transformational Results

  • Walk and Talk in Beautiful Nature

  • Individual Arrangement of Stay

  • Extensive and Diversified Follow-up Solutions

  • High Sucess Rate Counseling

  • Goal and Solution-Oriented Approach

  • Confidentiality and Anonymity

  • Experienced Counselor and Coach

Private Retreat Counseling with Matina Famos


Contact me to
select your counseling
days and book the hotel of your choice.
I am happy to support you with recommendations.

You will receive assessments via email and take time with them to enjoy the reflective moments already before retreating.

Outside consultation times, you can arrange your stay as you wish. Discover the place, eat well, relax, enjoy wellness, and avoid working.

The session is by walking and talking

in nature.
You will set the

pace of the walks.
I will pick you up

at the hotel.

By the end of the retreat, we will
set the dates for
the online follow-up sessions to to

maintain your level

of progress.

Email me for

a free priliminary

half-hour call

Learn more

about the retreat

and the resort.



"Talking about difficult topics and the freedom of being in nature makes this a perfect combination I can recommend to everyone."

"These two days were extremely rewarding and inspiring and gave me huge energy for my journey.

Thank you, Martina!"

"Doing a consultation in the middle of the Engadine mountains, remote from our everyday's life is a unique experience and gives you the necessary time to reflect on your own and together with your partner on what was discussed with and advised by Martina."


„I felt very safe and comfortable during our walks. We have not been talking that openly and in such a constructive way since years. It felt liberating and also allowed me to reflect on our real problems.

Being out in nature, in an open space, and being able to focus on what we hear and less on the problem helped tremendously. It is an investment in us in our future I would recommend to anyone.“


"My time with Martina was truly transformative.

I use her strategies for critical thinking at least once a day, and whenever I try to apply them to advice to others I can see people's faces light up because her ideas are so insightful.

From the first meeting with her I learned lessons that will be valuable for a lifetime, and the more we met the more I built a foundation of who I wanted to be and how I wanted to live.

​And in addition to being forever grateful to Martina, I think she is a really cool person who I feel lucky to know."

We have indeed been experiencing a positive development since our 2-day intensive counseling weekend with you. You helped us understand each other better, and ourselves – even after having shared our lives together for 25 years, and after having known ourselves for 50+/- years. You also gave us ‘tools’ and specific areas to work on which is helpful. Thank you very much. We would be happy to go for a walk with you again anytime!

"I have worked with a number of counselors over my lifetime and none have had as much of an impact as Martina. 

Her ability to listen, articulate the challenges and ask the right questions so that I can work through what I need to do in all facets of my life has been transformational. 

I went into these sessions with a narrow view of what I wanted to work through but came out feeling like I had unpacked many years of behaviors that were not helping me move forward. 

I can't thank her enough."


I started therapy with Martina on a more conventional set up back in 2012.

I know I will always go back to her for a check-in, she provides that enormous sense of trust but I know that now I have the tools necessary to continue a journey that in my case has been life changing.

I encourage anyone that is serious about self-commitment and change to embark with Martina -

you will not regret it!


The decision to come to Martina was not a spontaneous one but turned out to be one of the best "shots in the dark" I've made so far. She never judged, never gave me ready recipe what to do next - instead advised, guided and explained. From her own, wise, deeply thought through points of view. I know as well, that it was a start on a very interesting path of understanding, which may lead to better relationships with the world.

I would recommend it to anyone!

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