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Martina Famos

Counseling Retreats

Martina Famos Certified Adlerian Counselor AFI

A private retreat for your mental well-being

Planning a vacation or a short trip can be a great way to recharge and feel refreshed.

However, if you're looking to make a more significant impact on your general well-being, consider attending a counseling retreat. These retreats can help you transform your mental health in just a few days, leading to better relationships, increased self-awareness, and an overall improved life experience. So why not take the first step towards a happier, healthier you and book a counseling retreat this year?

Keeping momentum brings fast results

Maintaining focus on the goal without any interruption makes the process more straightforward.

A retreat helps to keep up the momentum, which is one of its most significant benefits. It also encourages commitment, which is essential to achieve any goal.

When results are slow to come and the process takes too long, it can be challenging to stay dedicated.

Therefore, a retreat is effective in all aspects of counseling and can highly increase the chances of success.

Going for easy walks while talking

Walking while talking can be an effective way to work through complex issues or overcome feeling stuck. The surroundings and visual distractions can ease the conversations and create a relaxed atmosphere during sessions. Furthermore, walking promotes physical well-being and a sense of balance, which allows us to tap into our deeper resources and enhance the effectiveness of our sessions.

Benefit from the powers of nature

Nature has a profound impact on our mental well-being, as it provides us with a sense of belonging, fresh air, and vivid colors. The tranquility of nature uplifts our mood and enhances our cognitive abilities, making it an ideal space for counseling. Nature creates an environment of equality between clients and counselors, promoting collaboration and teamwork, and leading to successful counseling outcomes.

Counseling for individuals, couples, and parents

During our initial 30-minute call, we can discuss your objectives, the number of sessions you wish to schedule, or if a counseling package I offer would be suitable for you. Our chat is informal, and it will also assist me in determining if I am the appropriate counselor for you.

Counseling packages

Private Counseling Retreat, Therapy Retreat, Trauma Therapy

Trauma therapy, social issues, work-related problems, anger management therapy, stress and anxiety, grief and recovery, family problems, cultural clashes, lack of purpose and meaning.

Marriage Counseling Retreats, Couples Counseling Retreats, Marriage Counseling

Marriage or couples counseling - strenghten the connection, building common goals, improve communication, healing the relationship after hardship.

Marriage and Family Therapist, Parenting Counseling, Family Therapy Retreats, Family Therapist

Ending negative patterns, connecting with teenagers, and support if there are parenting disagreements in the relationship or if you need a marriage and family therapist.


Counseling approach

Adlerian Psychology, which is also known as Positive Psychology, aims to empower individuals by highlighting their unique strengths, promoting self-awareness, and cultivating a sense of belonging. By working together, you will gain valuable insights into your goals, improve your problem-solving abilities, and establish a solid foundation for positive transformation, resulting in a more satisfying life journey.

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