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Martina Famos
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"Whatever idea you have about counseling, it will make you happier."

Martina Famos - Author, Certified Adlerian Counselor AFI
Certified Coach and Group-Coach GPI

If you are looking for a psychologist to learn the skills of feeling happier with yourself and your relationships, you may be interested in one of my two counseling approaches:

Private Counseling Retreats and Online Counseling.

Approach Private Counseling Retreats

Private Counseling Retreats, also known as therapy retreats, put an end to your emotional pain swiftly. Counseling every week demands a month-long commitment, which is the main reason why therapy can fail. Intense therapy retreats are goal-oriented, time- and money-saving, bringing profound and immediate results.

Healing and transformation are not a matter of time but of the guidance you receive.


The Adlerian Psychology I'm certified in is a depth psychology with which the problem is looked at from a holistic point of view. This helps you understand yourself and collaborate with me on getting your life back where you want it to be in a very short time.

The location of the Private Counseling Retreats is Scuol, the main town of the Lower Engadine, Switzerland. On the retreat page, you will find a short description of Scuol and surroundings.

  • Coverage of The Private Counseling Retreat

  1. Personal counseling for personal difficulties and difficulties with others, trauma therapy, anger management therapy, stress and anxiety, grief and recovery, or finding purpose and meaning. Find the retreat packages on the individual counseling page.

  2. Parenting counseling and ending negative patterns between you and your child, connecting with teenagers, and support if there are parenting disagreements in the relationship and you are looking for a marriage and family therapist. Find the retreat packages on the parenting counseling page.

  3. Marriage counseling/couples counseling to strenghten your bond and for healing the relationship after hardship. Find the retreat packages on the couples counseling page.

  • The Rewards of a Private Counseling Retreat

  1. Intensive counseling in the beautiful Engadine offers relief and healing in a few days.

  2. Therapy retreats help you save time, money and the effort of long-term commitment.

  3. A few online follow-up sessions ressure you that the change is real and sustainable.

  • The Benefits of Counseling Vacations

  1. Counseling has a more powerful all-embracing effect when you are rested and relaxed.

  2. Commitment and keeping momentum are the significant factors of successful counseling.

  3. The reason why recreational clinics are close to nature is that nature has a healing effect.

  • The Individuality of Therapy Retreats

  1. The counseling packages are available for 2, 3, 5, or 14 days for those who want more leisure time.

  2. You decide about your stay and arrange your accommodation and travel individually.

  3. In between the sessions, you spend the time as you please.

  • Testimonial About the Private Counseling Retreat

"Talking about difficult topics and the freedom of being in nature makes this a perfect combination I can recommend to everyone."

  • Why I Offer Private Counseling Retreat

I have always trusted that nature is the best counseling space!
Physical well-being, the surroundings, and enough time to talk have a strong influence on the mental condition of the client and a substantial impact on the success of the counseling results.

The quietness, the colors, the fresh air, and the belongingness we sense in nature lift our mood and broaden our mental ability; nature has a magical effect on us. Sometimes a change of perspective on a belief can immediately heal an experience that created pain for many years.
And even if there are pains one isn't even aware of because one got so used to living with that pain, nature can help bring them to the surface and help gently create awareness.

It means a lot to me that my clients enjoy counseling and feel natural about it. Therefore walking side by side, sitting on a bench below a tree, and looking at the lovely view together creates an atmosphere like walking with a friend. The retreats take place in Scuol. On the retreat page, you will find a description of the resort.

  • My Counseling Experience

Before offering Private Counseling Retreats, I practiced in Zurich for over 11 years. I'm certified in Adlerian Psychology, also referred to as Positive or Holistic Psychology. A positive psychologist focuses on the client's qualities to build on further resources. You can read more about my counseling psychology experience on my

bio page.

Contact me for a free preliminary half-hour call.

Approach Online Counseling

Online counseling helps us save resources, such as time and means to go from one address to another. That easiness generates the possibility of meeting more often in a shorter period. I offer online counseling to individuals and parents.

Online Counseling for Individuals

  • Counseling for Your Transformation

Because commitment and keeping momentum are crucial for the client's motivation, I have designed a counseling program of ten sessions lasting 3-4 months that help my clients come full circle with their transformational process.
People sometimes stop coming in when they feel relieved and in a better place. Very often, though, the last part of making the healing complete and sustainable wasn't reached, resulting in them returning a few months later with a fallback in their progress. To avoid my clients losing that time and money, I created the
Active Rational Transformation Program. I work with the principles of Adlerian Psychology, REBT Therapy Methods by A. Ellis, Purpose of Emotions by G. McKay and D. Dinkmeyer, Encouragement by Theo Schoenaker, and GPI by U. Bärtschi.

  • A Fit for The Active Rational Transformation Program

  1. Individual counseling for self-esteem issues, insecurities, lack of belongingness, anger management therapy, and a missing work-life balance.

  2. Healing negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, compulsiveness, boredom, guilt, and shame.

  • Testimonial about The Active Rational Transformation Program

Excellent, structured program, with a optimal mix of online assets, homework and coaching with Martina. Martina has a great, positive energy, is super caring, non-judgemental and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. I learned a lot from her program, about myself and ultimately a more rational way to approach life! A wise investment indeed, enabling a more fulfilling path towards true happiness.

Online Counseling for Parents

  • A Training for Positive Parenting

We are the best parents before having children, but the well-intended principles of doing it better can fall off when children become challenging. When triggered, patterns from one's upbringing seem to take over, leaving feelings of regret, bad conscience, guilt, and the idea of not being a good enough parent.
I offer Positive Parenting Training in a ten-step learning process based on Adlerian Psychology, also known as Positive Psychology. If you are looking for a family therapist, this program will help you save time, money and become a competent parent for the rest of your parenting years. The Positive Parenting Training is based on Adlerian Principles, Jane Nelsen's Positive Discipline Techniques, and the STEP Theory (Systemisches Training für Eltern und Pädagogen)

  • A Fit for The Positive Parenting Training

  1. For parents-to-be, parents with a troubling child, a diagnosed child, or overwhelmed parents

  2. Parents who want to end their negative patterns or want to improve their parenting skills.

The Convenience of Online Counseling

  • The Advantages of Talking Remotely

  1. Thanks to online counseling, you can access help from where you are.

  2. Virtual meetings save you time finding parking, dealing with traffic, and taking extra time out of your day.

  3. It gives more flexibility in finding time for appointments.

  • The Benefits of Virtual Meetings

  1. I use the great benefits of online counseling and work with different methods than in-person.

  2. The easiness of virtual sessions allows a tighter sequence and, thus, momentum and commitment.

  3. You can easily record the session (with permission) and listen to the conversation again later.

  • The Freedom of Online Counseling

  1. The sessions can take place conveniently in an environment you feel very comfortable in.

  2. You have more control over feeling relaxed before, during, and after the sessions.

  3. You don't need to familiarize yourself with the counselor's environment, which feels more equal.

Contact me for a free preliminary half-hour call

Not Covered Counseling Service

A psychologist can help you with many topics but can't give you the best guidance in areas they have no training.
I can't help you with substance abuse or addictions or offer sex therapy. I can help you with a diagnosed personality disorder in collaboration with your psychiatrist.

I'm not a marriage and family therapist; however, due to my training and years of experience in parenting counseling and marriage counseling, I can help you understand where your problems as a couple translate into your parenting style that creates problems for the child and your relationship with them. A trained family therapist will work in the presence of the whole family.

I'm not an ADHD therapist, but with the holistic methods of Adlerian Psychology, I'm happy to guide you if you are diagnosed with ADHD.

Insurance doesn't cover my service. Don't hesitate to contact me if you are unsure about my covered service.

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