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Online Parenting Counseling

Parenting counseling with Martina Famos, Zurich Switzerland

A family therapist helps you understand your child's emotional needs and the
infant's brain development to help you act and react accordingly.
In the process, you will unlearn patterns you may have adopted in your family of origin that
don't serve you well in the parenting style that fits with your values.

Parenting Books, a Family Therapist, or Parenting Training?

  • Parenting books are great for understanding the concept of the parenting theory you are interested in, learning from written examples, and receiving alternative ideas from yours. What a book can't help you with is to reflect on your triggers that are a response to your own wounding.

  • A family therapist enables you to understand the dynamics and helps you change the relationship with your child for the better. The difficulty with going to therapy is motivating your child to join and finding the time to go frequently.

  • Parenting training has the same effect as going to family counseling but by a different method. You leave your child out of counseling and take on the responsability for your relationship with the child.

Online Parenting Training

  • This Parenting Training is private and reflects with you your individual situation.

  • It is a 10-step learning process based on Adlerian Psychology, also known as Positive Psychology.

  • The central tenets of the course are to guide you in building a strong connection with your child and learning a parenting style for guiding your child to have your values, courage, and confidence.

  • The Training is based on Adlerian principles, Jane Nelsen's Positive Discipline Techniques, and the STEP Theory (Systemisches Training für Eltern und Pädagogen)

Parenting Counseling with Martina Famos

How the Parenting Training works

  • The Sessions

There are ten virtual private sessions to discuss your case. The sessions are booked in advance, which ensures momentum and reaching your goals.

  • Learning In Between the Counseling Sessions

You carry out assessments in between the sessions. That will give you more time for deep reflection and improve your parenting skills much faster.

  • The Magic of Three Month

The parenting course lasts four months because the fruits of change grow the earliest after three months. Patience pays off!

Investing in The Parenting Training

For 1'980 CHF you will get:

  • 10 pre-booked sessions of 60 minutes.

The appointments are reserved in advance. No loss of valuable counseling time for finding free slots, and it prevents you from waiting too long to meet again. Keeping momentum is a crucial component for experiencing success in counseling.

  • 7 learnings in MP3 format of 137 minutes in total.

The recorded information will help you understand the principles of the child's psychology. With that knowledge, you will learn how to encourage your child or children in their strengths and talents and build resilience. 

  • 120 minutes of readings.

The texts explain how a child responds to specific actions and what they interpret without your awareness. As a result, we will analyze your doings that positively impact your child or children.

  • 10 exercises in documents, questionnaires, and video format.

That's a total of 620 minutes of exercise. These teachings assist you in reflecting on your reactions and expectations towards your child and what projections may create burdens between you and them.


  • 10 private online sessions of 60 minutes. 

The above are preparations for the session to follow. During our talks, we discuss how that translates into your case, how to apply it​ , and the results you experience after using the tools.

  • 600 minutes of recorded sessions.           

You will naturally take from the conversations what is most important to you at that present moment.
Some parts of our exchange you won't be able to remember. The audio files will benefit you in the future by becoming aware of other gold nuggets from our sessions, allowing you to continue to gain value from your investment. You decide if you want the sessions to be recorded.

  • Unlimited emails and 3 phone calls for urgent matters.

These great options help discuss situations you want to resolve ahead of the next session. 

  • Confidentiality.

As a counselor, I have a legal and ethical duty to safeguard your information. Confidentiality is one of the most significant components between you as my client and me as your counselor. 

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