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Private Counseling Retreats with Martina Famos

Private Counseling Retreats

Private Counseling Retreats, also called therapy retreats, are goal-oriented, time- and money-saving and bring
you immediate results in contrast to months-long counseling on a weekly basis.
My offering contains counseling packages and leaves you the freedom to choose the accommodation
and travel method that works best for you.

The counseling approach is based on Adlerian psychology, also known as Positive psychology.

Counseling Retreats, Intensive Counseling Switzerland

The main reasons why a therapy retreat is a good choice

  • Counseling has a more powerful all-embracing effect when you are rested and relaxed.

  • Keeping momentum is one of the significant advantages of therapy retreats.

  • You can achieve more in a few days of intensive talks than in months-long counseling every week.

  • The reason why recreational clinics are close to nature is that nature has a healing effect.

  • Walking with visual distractions eases the conversations and creates a natural atmosphere during the sessions.

  • The easiness of the environment makes an intensive therapy retreat feel light and not intense.

  • Physical movement will help you work through difficult issues or get "unstuck" quickly.

  • Being away from your everyday life enables you to commit entirely to your decision for change.

Conveniently unconventional retreats in Switzerland

Recreational clinics, one-on-one counseling, wellness holidays, well-being retreats, walk-and-talk therapy, and guided walks in nature are nothing new and attractive offerings in their distinct way. I try to take from those offerings what brings the most significant benefit to the client and combine it into one.

Learn here about the unique approach of the Private Counseling Retreats and what counseling I cover or

keep reading this page to know how the retreats work. This link will take you to the testimonials.

How the private counseling retreat works

If you consider coming for a retreat, you can first book a preliminary half-hour call, during which we can discuss your goals and understand which retreat fits you best. Our conversation is non-binding and shall also help us know if I'm the right counselor for you.

Booking the private counseling retreat

Once you have decided to come to Scuol, we select your counseling days, and you book the hotel of your choice. I am happy to support you with recommendations. We will stay in touch to ensure there is free accommodation during the days we pre-booked. The booking of the slots will be secured once the accommodation is set and by your pre-payment.

Preparations for counseling

Before the retreat, you will receive assessments. Whether you come for a retreat or work with me online, I always send questions before meeting the client, giving time to reflect on the problems and goals without feeling the pressure of time or my presence. Furthermore, the answers help me prepare for our sessions.

The schedule of the retreat

We meet every morning and afternoon for two hours unless you book the twelve-day retreat, where we will see each other for two hours per day, with a weekend break. I will pick you up at the hotel. Outside consultation times, you can arrange your stay as you wish. Discover the place, eat well, relax, enjoy wellness, and avoid working. The time between the sessions is crucial for letting the talks sink in and processing the thoughts.

Walk and Talk Therapy

The sessions are while walking on easy trails. You will set the pace of the walks. Sometimes we may sit on a bench or stand while talking. You don't need to be sporty, and I often involve my clients in the decisions where we walk.
By the way: did you know that benches are considered cultural heritage in Switzerland? We even have a Bench Day, held every year on June 17th.
You may want to bring suitable clothes for the mountain weather, but you can buy everything in Scuol if you forget something.


Follow up sessions

By the end of the retreat, we will set the dates for the online follow-up sessions.


Travel, meals, lodging, and incidentals are not included in the price.

Insurance does not cover this service.

Close to Scuol are villages called Sent, Ftan, Vulpera, Tarasp, and Avrona. You may also want to look for accommodation there.

Scuol is located in the lower Engadine Valley, at the foot of the National Park, about 2.5 hours from Zurich, and nearby airports are Zurich and Innsbruck, Austria.

Please find at the end of this section which counseling I'm not covering.


Testimonials about the Retreats

Having never done a similar consultation I did not know what to expect and it felt a bit like jumping into cold water. Martina was fantastic in her approach and made me feel at ease from the outset with her inclusive, warm and engaging way of talking and acting.

A true professional and at the same time I felt from the beginning I am talking to a friend who I can tell everything. I really felt I can open up in talking to her and my partner together which was an emotional and equally enriching experience.
Doing such a consultation in the midst of the Engadin mountains remote from our everyday's life is a unique experience and gives you the necessary time to reflect on your own and together with your partner
on what was discussed with and advised by Martina. Talking about difficult topics and situations in life and the freedom of being in the nature makes this a perfect combination and I can only recommend this to everybody thinking of engaging in a similar experience.
These two days were extremely rewarding and inspiring and gave me huge energy for my journey. Thank you Martina!

Client from Austria

Me and my partner have been Martina's clients in the summer of 2020 and the spring of 2021.

Martina already came across as a very attentive and trustworthy professional at our initial Skype meeting when we discussed the situation in our relationship and support options Martina could offer us. We decided to go to Scuol and spend 2 weekends working on our relationship with Martina; surrounded by beautiful alpine landscape.

Martina has amazing people skills. She is a very good listener, has a lot of compassion and she can translate the language of psychology into digestable content. And she does it all with a witty sense of humour :)

As her client I felt taken care of and understood which made me open up with trust and curiosity. Martina has diagnosed the biggest challange in our relationship very quickly and day by day she helped us to unpack it. She has also helped each of us to notice the individual harmful patterns that we bring to a relationship and she provided us with tools on how to re-shape and re-phrase them so they become constructive and supportive.

Her approach is very solution-oriented and gave us solid tools which we can use in the future in all sorts of relationships. I felt that during one weekend we did more than we could have done in months of weekly sessions. I came back home knowing where we stand as a couple and with clarity on next steps. After the weekend session we had a couple of online follow-up sessions which helped us to track the progress and celebrate successes. Looking back I think that we wouldn't be together anymore, if we haven't met Martina.

Now, months after our first encounter with Martina, my partner and I are really happy together, we approach conflicts in more mature and self-aware manner and we plan our future together without fears and with higher level of self-responsibility. I highly recommend sessions with Martina to anybody looking for a compassionate, curious, holistic and solution-oriented therapist.

Additionally, I appreciated a lot that the sessions did not take place in a closed room but we were hiking instead with Martina and her dog Aramis soaking calmness of beautiful nature.

Since our therapy with Martina I know that if life becomes a bit harder again in the future I have resources (including Martina) I can pull in order to help myself and my loved ones. Thank you Martina for showing me this ♡ 

Clients from Poland

I first started working with Martina during couples counseling. Although I didn't know it back then, the decision to come to the Engadine mountains turned out to be one the best I have ever taken.

Following the couple of days in the mountains, I have seen the change Martina stirred in me and decided to continue with individual therapy sessions. This was literally the start of a new chapter of my life. Martina has helped me heal from the past, but even more importantly, she equipped me with strategies, tools, and mindset to live in, for me, a truly transformative way. For this, I am eternally grateful!

Client from Slovenia

After a couple of failed and expensive attempts at therapy I landed with Martina. Her approach with the initial retreat in Scuol was eye opening, friendly and constructive. Her methods fit very well with my analytical and goal oriented approach to life and work.

Today, after 6 months of work with Martina there are no more big issues or tensions to resolve. We were able to achieve so much in a short time. I value having Martina on my side in moments where the external noise doesn't allow me to objectively process all of the inputs.

She's become my secret weapon and catalyst for personal growth in both private and professional situations.

I'm grateful for being recommended to work with Martina and I continue to set new goals.

Client from Poland

My wife and I just wanted to thank you for a great two days in Scuol. We both look forward to developing and working together as a loving couple.

You're very easy to work with and we feel very lucky to have found you for counseling and really enjoy your friendship.

Clients from the U.S. and Switzerland

I have found Martina's sessions to be very helpful. The 4 hour per day approach provides ample time for the sessions to flow naturally, and also to meaningfully address the many different topics that come up from the discussions. I definitely came away from the sessions with a better understanding of myself.

Client from Shanghai

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