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Counseling Retreats

A Private Counseling Retreat
is not a Group-Effort

Private Counseling Retreats, also called therapy retreats, are goal-oriented, time- and money-saving and bring
you immediate results in contrast to months-long counseling on a weekly basis.


Counseling Retreats, Intensive Counseling Switzerland

The Benefits
of a Private Counseling Retreat

  • Counseling has a more powerful all-embracing effect when you are rested and relaxed.

  • Keeping momentum is one of the significant advantages of therapy retreats.

  • You can achieve more in a few days of intensive talks than in months-long counseling every week.

  • The reason why recreational clinics are close to nature is that nature has a healing effect.

  • Walking with visual distractions eases the conversations and creates a natural atmosphere during the sessions.

  • The easiness of the environment makes an intensive therapy retreat feel light and not intense.

  • Physical movement will help you work through difficult issues or get "unstuck" quickly.

  • Being away from your everyday life enables you to commit entirely to your decision for change.

How the Private Counseling Retreat Works

  • Deciding About The Private Counseling Retreat

Contact me for a free half-hour call to decide if we are a good fit. You can ask all your questions, and I will help you identify which package will be most beneficial for you or if other solutions are even better. If you choose to work with me and to come for the retreat, we select your counseling days, and you book the hotel of your choice. I am happy to support you with recommendations.

  • Getting Ready for Counseling

A week before the retreat, you will receive assessments. Whether you come for a retreat or work online, I always send questions before we meet, giving you time to reflect on your problems and goals without feeling the pressure of time or my presence. Furthermore, the answers also help me prepare for the sessions and give me time for reflection too.

  • The Schedule of The Retreat

We meet every morning and afternoon for two hours. I will pick you up at the hotel. Outside consultation times, you can arrange your stay as you wish. Discover the place, eat well, relax, enjoy wellness, and avoid working. The time between the sessions is crucial for letting the talks sink in and processing the thoughts. 

  • Walk and Talk Therapy

The sessions are while walking on easy trails. You will set the pace of the walks. Sometimes we may sit on a bench or stand while talking. You don't need to be a sporty person.


  • The Follow Up Sessions

By the end of the retreat, we will set the dates for the online follow-up sessions to maintain your level of progress.


  • General Information About The Counseling Retreat

Travel, meals, lodging, and incidentals are not included in the price.
Insurance does not cover this service.

Close to Scuol are small towns called Sent, Ftan, Vulpera, Tarasp, and Avrona. You may also want to look for accommodation there. Scuol is located in the lower Engadine Valley, at the foot of the National Park, about 2.5 hours from Zurich, and nearby airports are Zurich and Innsbruck.

Contact me for a free preliminary half-hour call.

Private Retreat Counseling with Matina Famos

Choose your Counseling Requirement

Come to the Private Counseling Retreat if you want to have trauma therapy, anger management therapy, recover from a toxic relationship or an ended relationship, from a loss otherwise, if you want to find your purpose and meaning in life or if you are an Expat and adjusting feels overwhelming.

Visit the Personal Retreat page to learn more.


If you are looking for a family therapy retreat, marriage and familiy therapy, or family therapy, the Private Counseling Retreat is a great fit. You can come alone to receive parenting advice, reflect your triggers when your child is not behaving as you wish, to reconcile with your teenager or to heal with your family.
Visit the Parenting Retreat page to learn more.

A retreat is a great opportunity to spend quality time together and improve your relationship at the same time. It's a good fit if you want to change the way you communicate to eachother, to become a better partner, to learn what you need to be happy in the relationship or to heal a time you regret.

Visit the Marriage Counseling Retreat page to learn more.


Scuol, A Town with Healing Powers

Scuol, Switzerland Private Retreat Counseling with Matina Famos

The land on which Scuol was built has marvelous healing powers. Since 1864, the town has been hosting guests who come to be cured by drinking from the twenty natural carbonated mineral water. Some healing springs contain calcium and iron, while others have high quantities of sulfate, sodium, chloride, or magnesium. Several different types of mineral water with wonderful names, such as Lischana, Sotsass, or Chalzina, bubble from village fountains. The houses are built with the front to the wells because the souls of the deceased leave with the water flow.

The people speak Romansh, the fourth national language of Switzerland. Through their cultural values, village characteristics, and history, they present a very different Switzerland.
The largest town of the Lower Engadine is Scuol. Tarasp, with the famous castle, and Sent are the towns nearby, all located at the foot of the Swiss National Park.
Being too far for day-tripping tourism and the lack of interest from the locals in offering surplus tourist attractions has helped preserve nature.

In paradox to the water miracles, the Lower Enagine is an arid area spoiled with mostly sunny days and a perfect place for my walk and talk counseling in pristine nature.

The Scuol region has visitor packages to encourage visitors to come by train. Please find more information on the links below.

Tourist Information

You will wake up in a beautiful world wherever you stay overnight. I'm happy to help you with recommendations if you are unsure which hotel to choose.


The Mountain Rails

This link will give you information about summer and winter offers in the ski area.

The Bathing Area


At the Engadine Bath, you can immerse yourself in the warmth of the large indoor pool, relax in the indoor or outdoor jacuzzi, or drift on the saline bath's salty waters.​

Scuol, Private Retreat Counseling with Matina Famos
Scuol, Private Retreat Counseling with Matina Famos

Get spoiled by the impressive world-class art exhibitions or performances in the region:

Not Vital  /  Nairs  /  Muzeum Susch  /  Staziun Lavin  /  Engadin Art  /  Poesia Clozza


Visit other culturally preserved towns like Ftan, Ardez, Tschlin, Guarda, or Lavin and gaze at the beauty of the houses and the wise verses written on the facades.

The words in the picture speak about the importance of not compromizing comforts of home because, for almost everybody, the path of life comes with hassles and prices.

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