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A Private Retreat with Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling Retreats

Marriage counseling retreats with a high success rate

Marriage counseling doesn't have to be another weekly squeezed appointment in your work calendar. It should rather be an appreciated getaway to honor the importance of your relationship that deserves attention and commitment. The Private Retreats for couples have a much higher success rate.

The Retreats are available for 3, 5, or 12 days to swiftly get you out of the crisis instead of counseling for many months.
The online after-care will ensure you continue strengthening the bond between you.

Private Counseling Retreats with Martina Famos

Coverage for marriage counseling

The Private Counseling Retreat is perfect if you want to improve communication in your relationship, after a time of hardship or betrayal, or when you believe your marriage has become a place you don't want to be in for the rest of your life.
I also offer individual counseling for those who desire marriage counseling but the partner isn't joining in. It's possible to improve the relationship by changing the dynamics one-sided.

The retreats are available for 3, 5, or 12 days. The packages are described further down this page, and if you want to go straight to that section, please follow this link.

Improving communication

Poor communication in your intimate relationship is often caused by a lack of in-depth understanding of your two personalities or the cultural differences between you. There is too much interpretation on each side when both are unhappy about how they're being heard and understood. Listening and talking techniques help, but getting to know each other more profoundly is crucial and especially on an emotional level.

This link leads you to a list of negative emotions and unhealthy if you feel them occasionally, frequently, or often. This list shall help you become aware of emotions that may seem "normal" in the sense that you are used to them or because you notice other people having them too. However, they interfere with your ability to listen without jumping to conclusions and to convey your message in a way that helps the other understand where you are truly coming from.

If your challenges include your children, check out the Parenting Retreats.

Recovering together from hardship

Moving houses, financial strains, dramatic events or problematic attitudes in the extended family, an illness, cultural differences, discrimination and many more external crises can slowly or abruptly change the relationship. Finding back to being the couple of before can be very difficult. Hoping that time will help is sometimes not a great idea, but talking it through is healing.

Healing a betrayal

Betrayal is a third-party situation and also a lack of loyalty and integrity in other areas. Every betrayal leaves one in the relationship with the work of rebuilding trust, but it's still an equal effort on both sides. A retreat will help you have enough time, space, and momentum to get through the necessary conversations and understand the situation with new perceptions.

Improving the relationship

If the relationship was good once but has become an unsatisfying connection, underlying issues may influence how you feel for each other. That requires opening up and becoming courageous in being oneself in front of the partner.

Testimonial about the marriage counseling retreat

"I felt very safe and comfortable during our walks. We have not been talking that openly and in such a constructive way since years. It felt liberating and also allowed me to reflect on our real problems.

Being out in nature, in an open space, and being able to focus on what we hear and less on the problem helped tremendously. It is an investment in us in our future I would recommend to anyone."

This link will take you to more testimonials.

The Packages of Private Counseling Retreats

On the retreat page, you will find general information regarding the procedure and how the retreat works,

and here I describe the location.

3-Day Private Retreat
with Intensive Counseling

equals 6 months of bi-weekly counseling

  • assessment before retreating 

  • 3 days with 12 hours of counseling 

  • 3 online follow-up sessions

Total of 15 hours, CHF 2850.-

Consider this package if you are committed to the relationship but you fail in discussing difficult topics in a kind and compassionate way or if you want to recover together from a time of hardship that affected your bond.

In this retreat you will learn great tools to use when listening and talking and you will also learn to see your partner from a different perspective

which will help you understand their words and emotions much better.

5-Day Private Retreat
with Intensive Counseling
- A Relationship Regeneration -

equals 13 months of bi-weekly counseling

  • assessment before retreating 

  • 5 days with 18 hours of counseling 

  • 2 online following-up sessions

Total of 20 hours, CHF 3800.-

This retreat is for you if you have been in a draining situation for a long time and have been in moments where you thought the only solution was to separate. The five days work well for couples who want to stay together, learn about improving their relationship and heal from infidelity or other forms of betrayal.

12-Day Private Retreat
with Intensive Counseling
- A Relationship Regeneration -

This package includes the same counseling as the 5-day retreat, but you want to spend two weeks in beautiful Scuol and take two hours of counseling daily.

In this version, the sessions are during the first five days of the first week and five days during the second week of your stay. The minimum stay is 12 days, and you can extend your vacation for as much as you like.

It's convenient for clients that take a longer vacation, want to explore the region, enjoy summer or winter sports, and have more time for wellness and cultural activities.

A Private Counseling Retreat of 12 days is also a suitable package if you want to travel with friends, your partner, or your family.

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