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Private Counseling Retreats for Individuals

Counseling Retreat

Counseling Approach

My counseling is based on the principles of Adlerian Psychology, and other methods I use are the REBT Therapy Methods by A. Ellis, Purpose of Emotions by G. McKay and D. Dinkmeyer, Encouragement by Theo Schoenaker, and the GPI testing by U. Bärtschi.

The benefits of taking counseling during a retreat

The Private Counseling Retreat page describes the procedure and why therapy retreats are generally beneficial. For you specifically, a short time-out will help you to regroup your energies and have more space for awareness.
Many clients use the time between the sessions to journal, sleep, read, watch movies, or go to the spa. If you meditate, you know that having that quietness to yourself is amazing.

Scuol is a small and safe village with many things to do and see.

Private Counseling Retreats with Martina Famos

Coverage for individuals

The Private Counseling Retreat is perfect if you want to have trauma therapy, anger management therapy, recover from a toxic relationship or an ended relationship, from a loss otherwise, if you want to find your purpose and meaning in life, or if you are an Expat and adjusting feels overwhelming.
I also offer individual counseling for those who desire marriage counseling but the partner isn't joining in. It's possible to improve the relationship by changing the dynamics one-sided.

The counseling packages are described further down this page and if you want to go straight to that section, please follow this link.

Personal transformation

95% of our thoughts are on auto-pilot, following what our brain has long ago identified as logic. Humans stop questioning what has subconsciously been categorized as reasonable or evident, even if it doesn't create the desired results. Growth and transformation happen when becoming conscious of the choices aligned with one's healthy sense of Self and natural courage. During the Personal Counseling Retreat, you can make the first bold changes, become familiar with the transformation process, and reconcile with the idea that engaging with one's inner programming is, again and again, a revealing experience.

Trauma therapy

It's rare for people to come out of childhood or teenage years without wounds, and the pains one has learned to cope with continue to influence how life plays out.

Fights between parents, financial strain in the family, an accident, moving houses a lot, being bullied at school, having had harsh, dominant, absent, or addictive caretakers, a mean sibling to deal with, or having felt different from other children are not unusual things a child goes through, and therefore not considered as something traumatizing. Trauma comes from events we have difficulties processing because they are disharmonious and disturbing to the core, such as every form of abuse, but also the examples given above.

Intensive therapy retreats are an excellent healing method. You will understand that your brilliant strategies helped you as a child but didn't serve you as an adult. Healing happens through new perspectives on what happened to you by becoming aware of and implementing new strategies to compartmentalize thoughts and feelings! Healing is always an act of courage and compassion, and of course, knowing that you deserve your kindness and to enjoy life.

Walking in the beautiful nature of Scuol is very healing, and talking about difficult topics feels less hard.


Life has it's ups and downs, and when you become aware that the hard times are the best teachers and how to blend sorrows and pains in acceptance and revelation, appreciation and gratitude light up the space of darkness. Self-recovery can be needed from a betrayal, rejection from a relationship, a toxic bond, a loss, or a time when you made choices you regret, from exhaustion or burn-out.

Negative emotions

Negative emotions originate from negative thoughts that can be transformed into a healthier perception of yourself, others, and the world. Irrational beliefs lead to compulsive behaviors, anxiety, stress, anger, depression, regrets, guilt, shame, and all triggers that cause a negative reaction.
This link leads you to a list of unhealthy emotions if you feel them occasionally, frequently, or often. This list shall help you become aware of emotions that may seem "normal" in the sense that you are used to them or because you notice other people having them too.

Stress, for example, is an emotion that is socially accepted and even praised because it means you are a

hard-working, dedicated person. However, stress is a response to fear and anxiety and is the main factor for heart attacks, skin rashes, hair loss, muscle tension, or fatigue.

Every negative emotion has a consequence on our physical health.

Finding purpose and meaning

Adlerian Psychology is a positive psychology, humanistic, holistic, and sociological school; hence the guidance from a positive psychologist naturally includes the discussion about our life's purpose! Nothing can have meaning until we give it meaning.
Suppose you want to give something meaning because you know it could be vital to your life, but something blocks the ability to make it work meaningfully. In that case, counseling will help you unblock the movement toward it.
For example, finding someone to love is an idea that resonates with you. When you don't know how to achieve it, you keep letting it go, dismissing the meaning with words like: "I don't have time to put so much work into a relationship; my job and hobbies are important to me and fulfill me enough."
This example can apply similarly to job, hobbies, friendships, or life in general.

Expat counseling

2009 was the beginning of my exciting journey as a counselor for internationals. On my bio page, I share how it all started. My expertise in expatriation counseling led me to write the book Cultural Grief. If you feel lost after relocating, the 3-day retreat will erase your insecurities and doubts and help you build new perspectives. A retreat can also help you resolve dilemmas and work through emotions such as guilt and resentment, two predominant emotions of the Expat experience.

Testimonial from a client of the Personal Counseling Retreat

"These two days were extremely rewarding and inspiring and gave me huge energy for my journey.
Thank you, Martina!"
A client from Austria.

This link will take you to more testimonials.

The counseling retreat packages for individuals

On the retreat page, you will find general information regarding the procedure and how the retreat works,

and here I describe the location.

3-Day Private Retreat
with Intensive Counseling

equals 6 months of bi-weekly counseling

  • assessment before retreating 

  • 3 days with 12 hours of counseling 

  • 3 online follow-up sessions

Total of 15 hours, CHF 2850.-

This retreat works very well for overcoming negative emotions, finding purpose and meaning, and Expat counseling. Still, if these are not your topics and you think three days could be enough, please feel free to discuss that during a free half-hour call.
The cognitive approach of this package focusing on rational and irrational ideas, unhelpful patterns, or uncontrollable outside influences, leads to realizing where you have resources and options you didn't see before.
Building positive circumstances in the private and professional area requires analyzing these resources and how to use them to reach meaningful new developments.

5-Day Private Retreat
with Intensive Counseling
- A Revival Experience -

equals 13 months of bi-weekly counseling

  • assessment before retreating 

  • 5 days with 18 hours of counseling 

  • 2 online follow-up sessions

Total of 20 hours, CHF 3800.-


This intensive therapy retreat is for self-recovery, personal transformation, or healing from trauma.
The methods in this retreat are profoundly healing and grant you a sense of revival. The holistic approach will help you fully recognize your patterns in all depth, which will help you make new decisions for creating favorable circumstances in life.

If you have a more extended vacation, consider the 12-day retreat. It's the same package but with a slower process.

12-Day Private Retreat
with Intensive Counseling
- A Revival Experience -

This package includes the same counseling package as the 5-day retreat, but you want to spend two weeks in beautiful Scuol and take two hours of counseling daily.
In this version, the sessions are during the first five days of the first week and five days during the second week of your stay. The minimum stay is 12 days, and you can extend your vacation for as much as you like.

It's convenient for clients that take a longer vacation, want to explore the region, enjoy summer or winter sports, and have more time for wellness and cultural activities.

This version of the Private Counseling Retreat is also a suitable package if you want to travel with friends, your partner, or your family.

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