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Scuol, A Town with Healing Powers

The land on which Scuol was built has marvelous healing powers.
Since 1864, the town has been hosting guests who come to be cured by drinking from the twenty natural carbonated mineral water. Some healing springs contain calcium and iron, while others have high quantities of sulfate, sodium, chloride, or magnesium. Several different types of mineral water with wonderful names, such as Lischana, Sotsass, Vi, or Chalzina, bubble from village fountains.

The front houses face the wells, and beautiful circles of homes are around the fountains. People believed that the souls of the deceased were leaving with the water flow.

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Scuol, Tarasp, Sent, Ftan

The people speak Romansh, the fourth national language of Switzerland. Through our cultural values, village characteristics, and history, we present a very different Switzerland.

The largest town of the Lower Engadine is Scuol. Tarasp, with the famous castle, and Sent are the towns nearby, all located at the foot of the Swiss National Park.

Being too far for day-tripping tourism and the lack of interest from the locals in offering surplus tourist attractions has helped preserve nature.

In paradox to the water miracles, the Lower Enagine is an arid area spoiled with mostly sunny days and a perfect place for my walk and talk counseling in pristine nature.

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Arts and culture

Get spoiled by the impressive world-class art exhibitions or performances in the region:

Not Vital  /  Nairs  /  Muzeum Susch  /  Staziun Lavin  /  Engadin Art  /  Poesia Clozza


Visit other culturally preserved towns like Ftan, Ardez, Tschlin, Guarda, or Lavin and gaze at the beauty of the houses and the wise verses written on the facades.

The words in the picture speak about the importance of not compromising the comforts of home because, for almost everybody, the path of life comes with hassles and prices.

The Engadine Valley

The Engadine Valley is a hundred kilometers long and runs from Maloya to Martina, the small village I was born in.
In Romansh, I'm Martina da Martina ;-).

The name Engiadina comes from the river En, and because of the Serpentine stone, the En has a beautiful turquoise to green color.

St. Moritz is the largest village, with world-famous extravagant touristic attractions and a glamorous flair but to the locals also known for not being very good at taking measures.
Around 1905 they ordered a church tower of the wrong size. Luckily, Sent was just about to build their new tower and had good use for it.

Scuol, Switzerland Private Retreat Counseling with Matina Famos

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Tourist Information

You will wake up in a beautiful world wherever you stay overnight. I'm happy to help you with recommendations if you are unsure which hotel to choose.


The Mountain Rails

This link will give you information about summer and winter offers in the ski area.

The Bathing Area


At the Engadine Bath, you can immerse yourself in the warmth of the large indoor pool, relax in the indoor or outdoor jacuzzi, or drift on the saline bath's salty waters.​

Scuol, Private Retreat Counseling with Matina Famos
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