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Private Counseling Retreats
for Parents and Family Therapy Retreats

Private Counseling Retreat for Parents about Parenting

Parenting and family counseling with or without your child

If you are looking for family therapy, marriage and family therapy, or a family therapy retreat, my approach with the Private Counseling Retreat is a great fit. It's possible to come for the retreat with the family, both parents without the children, with a teenager, or one parent.

The Retreats are available for
3, 4 or 5 days days to swiftly get you out of the crisis instead of counseling for many months. The online after-care will help you to continue moving forward with confidence.

The benefits of a retreat for parents and families

The Private Counseling Retreat page describes the procedure and why therapy retreats are generally beneficial, and for you specifically, family or parenting counseling during a time-out from your day-to-day life has many more advantages.
You get to spend quality moments together, and because of the successive sessions, you will have a lot of time to discuss and analyze the dynamics in the family. Without interruptions of weeks between the sessions, there is space to listen, observe, explain, and learn without time pressure.

Private Counseling Retreats with Martina Famos

Coverage of the counseling retreats for parenting

I can guide you in ending negative parenting patterns, reconnecting with teenagers, and supporting you if there are parenting disagreements in the relationship and if that creates issues in the marriage and with the children. My counseling methods are based on Adlerian psychology.

The other option to work with me to improve the relationship with your child is by embarking on a ten-step online training for you as a parent to reflect on your situation and receive tools to build a strong connection with your child.

Parental Advice

A divorce, the passing of a family member, a bullying experience, difficulties at school, or relocation at a certain age can leave an inferior perception of the child's interpretation of Self or traumatic memories. The child can heal without therapy if it gets the necessary support from the parents and in the private counseling retreat you will learn how to give that guidance.

Parenting Counseling

This parent counseling service is suitable for you if power struggles between you and your child occur repeatedly. It's an excellent counseling format to stop being triggered, and it's for one or both parents.

You and your teenager

Are you and your teenager fighting a lot, and you feel you are about to lose the connection with them? In that case, the Private Counseling Retreat can help you both speak up in a constructive manner, which consequently leads to finding agreements, to get out of stagnation, rebuilding trust, and regaining appreciation for each other.

Retreating with the family

Going on vacation while improving your family dynamics is a great idea! The counseling, which takes place outdoors, makes this an approach that works well for the whole family. The playful atmosphere and the activities that children enjoy are helping to make counseling a lighthearted experience.

This format is also availabe for adults and their family of origin.

Packages Counseling Retreats for Parents and Families

On the retreat page, you will find general information regarding the procedure and how the retreat works,

and here I describe the location.



for Parenting

Equals 6 months of bi-weekly counseling

  • assessment before retreating 

  • 3 days with 12 hours of counseling 

  • 3 online follow-up sessions

Total of 15 hours, CHF 3450



for Parenting

Equals 8 months of bi-weekly counseling

  • assessment before retreating 

  • 4 days with 16 hours of counseling 

  • 3 online follow-up sessions

Total of 19 hours, CHF 3990



for Parenting

Equals 10 months of bi-weekly counseling

  • assessment before retreating 

  • 5 days with 20 hours of counseling 

  • 2 online follow-up sessions

Total of 22 hours, CHF 4620

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