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Engadin Retreats Counseling

Engadin Private Counseling Retreats
for Individuals

Unlike traditional therapy sessions spread over months, this goal-oriented private retreat with intensive counseling delivers immediate results, saving you both time and money.

A healing holiday provides an optimal environment for addressing your concerns, as counseling has a more profound and encompassing effect when you're rested and relaxed.

Take a Holiday to Retreat and Heal in Engadine's Beautiful Nature.

Individual Counseling Retreat Methods

I have been a certified Adlerian Counselor since 2011, working with the principles

of Adlerian Psychology, which includes:

  • Systemic Techniques

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-Approach

  • Holistic Counseling

  • Positive Psychology

Utilizing additional methods such as:

  • Counseling Concept of R. Dreikurs

  • REBT Therapy Methods by A. Ellis

  • Purpose of Emotions by G. McKay and D. Dinkmeyer

  • Encouragement by Theo Schoenaker

  • GPI Coaching by U. Bärtschi

My approach encourages individuals to:

  • Take several days off each year for their mental well-being and personal growth.

  • Experience the therapeutic benefits of nature.

  • Discover the advantages of engaging in counseling sessions while walking.

  • Find counseling to be an enjoyable and serene experience.

Coverage for Individuals

The Private Counseling Retreat is perfect if you want to have trauma therapy, anger management therapy, recover from a toxic relationship or an ended relationship, from a loss otherwise, if you want to find your purpose and meaning in life, or if you are an Expat and adjusting feels overwhelming.
I also offer individual counseling for those who desire marriage counseling, but the partner isn't joining in. It's possible to improve the relationship by changing the dynamics one-sided.

The counseling packages are described further down this page. If you want to go straight to that section, please follow this link.

Personal Transformation

Growth and transformation happen when one becomes conscious of the choices aligned with one's healthy sense of Self and natural courage. During the Personal Counseling Retreat, one can make the first bold changes, become familiar with the transformation process, and reconcile with the idea that engaging with one's inner programming is, again and again, a revealing experience.

Trauma Therapy

It's rare for people to emerge from childhood or teenage years without wounds, and the pains one has learned to cope with continue to influence how life plays out.

Intensive therapy retreats are an excellent healing method. You will understand that your brilliant strategies helped you as a child but didn't serve you as an adult. Healing happens through new perspectives on what happened to you by becoming aware of and implementing new strategies to compartmentalize thoughts and feelings! Healing is always an act of courage and compassion, and of course, knowing that you deserve your kindness and to enjoy life.


Life has its ups and downs, and when you become aware that the hard times are the best teachers and how to blend sorrows and pains in acceptance and revelation, appreciation and gratitude light up the space of darkness. Self-recovery can be needed from a betrayal, rejection from a relationship, a toxic bond, a loss, or a time when you made choices you regret, from exhaustion or burn-out.

Finding Purpose and Meaning

Adlerian Psychology is a positive psychology, humanistic, holistic, and sociological school; hence, guidance from a positive psychologist naturally includes a discussion about our life's purpose! Nothing can have meaning until we give it meaning.
Suppose you want to give something meaning because you know it could be vital to your life, but something blocks the ability to make it work meaningfully. In that case, counseling will help you unblock the movement toward it.

Expat Counseling

2009 was the beginning of my exciting journey as a counselor for internationals. On my bio page, I share how it all started. My expertise in expatriation counseling led me to write the book Cultural Grief. If you feel lost after relocating, the 2-day retreat will erase your insecurities and doubts and help you build new perspectives.

Packages for Individual Counseling

Packages Individual Counseling Retreat Engadin



Equals 6 months of bi-weekly counseling

  • assessment before retreating 

  • 3 days with 12 hours of counseling 

  • 3 online follow-up sessions

Total of 15 hours, CHF 2850 



Equals 8 months of bi-weekly counseling

  • assessment before retreating 

  • 4 days with 16 hours of counseling 

  • 3 online follow-up sessions

Total of 19 hours, CHF 3610 



Equals 10 months of bi-weekly counseling

  • assessment before retreating 

  • 5 days with 20 hours of counseling 

  • 2 online follow-up sessions

Total of 22 hours, CHF 4180 

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