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The Engadin,
the Perfect Place for Private Counseling Retreats
with Walk & Talk Therapy

The Engadin Valley, nestled in the Swiss Alps at high altitude, is traversed by the River Inn. Its captivating cultural heritage, with Romansh as its main language, and distinctive architecture, presents a unique facet of Switzerland.

Boasting a well-developed network of 580 kilometers of hiking trails, the Engadine is a hiker's paradise, offering countless opportunities for leisurely strolls and invigorating walks—a perfect setting for walk & talk therapy.


With an abundance of sunny days and a delightful climate, the valley provides an ideal backdrop for outdoor activities and therapeutic exploration.

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The Engadin Villages

The Engadin Valley stretches for a hundred kilometers from Maloja to Martina.

Over the years, both St. Moritz, the birthplace of Alpine winter tourism in 1864, and Scuol, renowned for its mineral springs, have cultivated their resort attractions, evolving into sought-after destinations.

Neighboring towns of St. Moritz such as Pontresina, Silvaplana, Champfèr, and Sils-Maria have distinguished themselves through their pioneering spirit, becoming trendsetting and exclusive destinations.

Conversely, the towns surrounding Scuol, including Ftan, Sent, and Guarda, have embraced a more laid-back approach to tourism, resulting in a more easy-going atmosphere.

Scuol, Tarasp, Sent, Ftan

The people speak Romansh, the fourth national language of Switzerland. Through our cultural values, village characteristics, and history, it

presents a very different Switzerland.

The largest town of the Lower Engadin is Scuol. Tarasp, with the famous castle, and Sent are the picturesque towns nearby, all located at the foot of the Swiss National Park.

Being too far for day-tripping tourism and the lack of interest from the locals in offering surplus tourist attractions has helped preserve nature.

In paradox to the water miracles, all the Engadin is an arid area spoiled with mostly sunny days and a perfect place for walk and talk counseling in pristine nature.

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St. Moritz, Pontresina, Silvaplana, Champfèr

The Upper Engadin, commencing at Maloja, heralds the beginning of a captivating journey alongside a sequence of picturesque lakes that wind their way down to St. Moritz, gracing the route with charming villages like Sils-Maria, Silvaplana, and Champfèr.

As one ventures further downstream, the valley reveals an array of charming towns, including Celerina, Samedan, Pontresina, Zuoz, and other idyllic villages.

Visitors from around the globe flock to the region to embrace the modern Alpine lifestyle, characterized by top-tier restaurants capable of satisfying even the most discerning gourmands. Additionally, the area boasts an array of art galleries, world-famous events, and luxury boutiques.

Yet, all of this would not be particularly special without the backdrop of shimmering lakes, enchanting forests, and the majestic mountain scenery that defines the Engadin.

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